China Day 1: Dulles to Beijing

It’s the first day of a 10 day adventure with traveling partners Mickey, Donna, and Dr. Craven’s group from Milford High.  The rest of the group is flying from Boston, so I am flying solo on the way to China on United flight 897 from Dulles to Beijing …

… and, a first for me, taking the polar route.

After clearing customs we take a bus directly to The Bird’s Nest …

… and the Water Cube on the Olympic Green.

Over 24 hours after leaving Dulles we finally get to dinner at the Beijing Hongyunlou Restaurant.

Day 1 ends with an amazingly terrifying cab ride back to the airport to pick up Donna. Over the next several days we learn that in Beijing lane markings and traffic signals are merely suggestions.  To get anywhere through the 24 hour a day rush hour that is Beijing traffic requires some very aggressive driving!

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