Greece-Turkey Day 9: Athens

Disembarkation from the Louis Cristal is at 7 a.m., so the group gets an early start.  Our first destination is Cape Sounion, the southernmost part of mainland Greece …

… and the site of the Temple of Poseidon.

Then we head back to Athens to see the Acropolis, including the Erechtheion (and the Porch of the Caryatids), the Parthenon, and the Theatre of Dionysus.

Next we walk through the Plaka at the base of the Acropolis, stopping for lunch at Ta Youvetsakia, and meeting the friendly neighborhood butcher – who was happy to chat and didn’t want to charge for a picture.

The final stop on our trip is the changing of the guard at Parliament.

Then to the Hotel Stanley for an early dinner and a great view of Athens from the roof top.

It’s an early night.  Tomorrow I have a 3 a.m. wake up call for the return flight to Dulles via Munich.  Time to plan the next adventure.  Maybe the Galapagos Islands?

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