South Africa Day 12: London to Boston

Onboard British Airways flight 213:

We left Cape Town late on Sunday night for an overnight flight to London. Early this morning we were treated a crystal clear sunrise over Northern Africa.

Sunrise over Tripoli

Our flight over the Atlantic offers even more stunning views and some time to get some work done on the blog.


Getting some work done in seat 45A


The Atlantic Ocean from British Airways Flight 213

After a very long travel day our flight to Boston arrives at midday.  Tonight we’re heading back to Shannon and Peter’s in Melrose to catch up, share travel stories, and begin planning next year’s adventure to Machu Picchu!

2 Comments on “South Africa Day 12: London to Boston

  1. I enjoyed your Africa travel blog emencely! One feature that would be nice to have is some ability to move to the different days, either by creating the gallery first and posting within it, or enabling some other feature in Word Press. Sometimes I missed a day and I had to use Facebook to find the other day. Again, well done sir! That’s a lot of photos to narrow into a few per day! Mits

    • Mitsi – Thanks for reading the daily updates and for the feedback! There are a few different ways to navigate between posts on the site but they may be harder to find on a mobile app. Usually the bottom of each page has a list called Recent Posts for moving to other updates.

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