Peru Day 1: DC to Lima

On the bus to Miraflores.

Travel day. From DCA to MIA in the morning and then a late afternoon flight to Lima, Peru. Plenty of time at National before my first flight, so a good opportunity to get some steps in. Turns out a lap up and down the new terminal is about 1,500 steps!

Met up with the group at Miami International Airport and picked up a couple of Cuban sandwiches for the flight to Lima. 

Name dropping: A huge thank you to Sonia for the lift to the airport. Made getting to the airport a breeze. And great to run into Shelley at the airport. It’s a small world and you never know when or where you will run into family. And to the unknown woman in seat 23E – feel free to lay your pillow on my shoulder and cuddle up on any flight!!


The ceiling at Reagan National Airport


On the way to Miami


The floor at Miami International Airport


The north coast of Cuba


Flying over Columbia on the way to Peru


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