Peru Day 7: Cuzco to Lake Titicaca

On the bus to Puno. 

Today we travel to Puno by bus – An all day road trip with stops along the way. Last night’s late arrival necessitated an even later luggage repack from the Machu Picchu day pack back to regular travel configuration. So it’s a quick breakfast and we’re in the bus and on the way at 7 AM. 

First stop is the town of Andahuaylillas to see the Sixtine Chapel of America. It’s a beautiful church filled with paintings, frescos, and lined with gold leaf. Unfortunately, no pictures or video inside, so here is the exterior. 

The Sixtine Chapel of America

Detail of the plaza of the Chapel

Next a tour of the Raqchi archaeological site, built by the Incans and featuring the Temple of Wiracocha. 

The Temple of Wiracocha at Raqchi

Detail of the stonework at Raqchi

Lunch is in the town of Marangani. And 30 minutes later we reach La Raya on the border between the departments of Cuzco and Puno. This is the highest point on our trip at 4,338 meters – over 14,200 feet. 

Over 14,200 feet at La Raya

The road into Puno is through the high desert plateau. There are still high peaks, but the valleys are wide and flat. 

Tonight is dinner in Puno and tomorrow we visit Lake Titicaca. 

4 Comments on “Peru Day 7: Cuzco to Lake Titicaca

    • Didn’t know we would see glaciers here, but not surprised to hear how much the snow pack has diminished.

  1. Michael, thanks for posting. This was a trip I wanted to go on, but just didn’t work out. So, I am living it vicariously through you and Mickey. I love the pictures and travel blog. Phyllis

    • Phyllis – Thanks for reading and your comments. Sorry this trip didn’t work out for you, but we will see you in another trip soon.

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