Cuba: Dulles to Boston

Onboard United 641 to Boston

Leaving the unseasonably warm temps of D.C. and flying to New England where there is still some snow on the ground. I’m on the first leg of the trip to Cuba! It’s good to be in the road again. And while the flight is smooth it seems I am functioning as a human coatrack for some of my fellow travelers. 

Flying over New York City on the way to Boston.

When I signed up for this trip a couple of years ago the only option was a departure from Boston on a charter flight to Havana. But, as it turns out, tomorrow we’re flying commercial, so things have really changed. 

Mickey and Donna are already in Boston, so we all get to spend the day together at Shannon and Peter’s with plans to take the T to explore downtown Boston, the Greenway, Quincy Market, and Boston Public Market. Planning on taking it easy tonight before our early 6 AM departure. 

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