Cuba Day 8: Havana to Boston

Onboard flight 433 enroute to Boston. 

Today is transfer day – the first of two days of travel to get back home. After a few last minute photos at the poolside bar, we checked out of the Hotel Comodoro at 9:30 to head to José Martí International Airport just outside of Havana. After passing through customs we left Havana for JFK in New York. 

We spent a couple of hours in New York to go through customs and to take adavantage of the first reliable internet access we’ve had in a week. We left New York at about 6 to head to Boston. Tonight we’re spending the night at Shannon and Peter’s. Tomorrow we’re having a Dim Sum brunch and heading back to DC and LA tomorrow evening. 

Just Add Water – One last stop at the poolside bar with Mickey, Gina, Donna, and Sue

With Mickey, Marguerite, Gina, Marie, and Mike as we depart Cuba

Leaving Havana and Cuba after a great week

Over the Florida Keys and back in the United States

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