Israel Day 4: Galilee

On the bus along the Sea of Galilee …

After a busy first day of touring, last night we had a relaxing evening at El Mul Golan. Wine by the kibbutz pool, dinner at the kibbutz dining hall, and more wine outdoors on the grounds of the kibbutz.

After breakfast at the kibbutz we explored locations around the Sea of Galilee. Out first stop – Capernaum, where two ancient synagogues are built on top of one another and also the home of Saint Peter.

The synagogue at Capernaum

Next a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. With the heat and humidity it’s still hazy here, but on the boat we can see the Golan Heights to the east and Tiberias on the hillsides to the west of the Sea of Galilee. And a note that the Sea of Galilee is the largest body of fresh water that is below sea level. My camera GPS shows that we are 208 meters below sea level. Then we see the Ancient Galilee Jesus Boat and hear the story of the boat’s discovery and excavation. The boat is said to be from the time of Jesus.

Sailing on the Sea of Galilee
The Ancient Galilee Jesus Boat

Our last stop before lunch is the Tabgha Benedictine Monastery and Saint Peter’s Church where Jesus prepared bread and fishes for the disciples.

Saint Peter’s Church

We have the traditional Sea of Galilee lunch of Saint Peter’s Fish at Tanureen Restaurant, then we’re back on the bus for a ride up the Golan Heights. On the ride our guide, Rotem, walks us through the formation of the state of Israel with the events leading up to and following the UN vote in 1948.

Traditional Saint Peter’s Fish Lunch

In the afternoon we visit the Olea Essence olive oil factory at Capernaum Vista Olive Farm. They produce a selection of olive oils and health and beauty products made from olives.

Sampling Olive Oil

And we wind up the day’s touring with a visit to Golan Heights Winery for a tour of the bottling plant and a great wine tasting.

Golan Heights Winery

Dinner tonight is back at the kibbutz and tomorrow we make our way to Jerusalem.

16 Comments on “Israel Day 4: Galilee

  1. Looks like a great trip Michael. I enjoy reading your daily updates. 😊

  2. That is a very busy day. Fascinating. The fish lunch looks delicious.

    • Yes – a busy day. The fish was delicious, but we split it three ways and that was a good idea!

  3. Is that an American flag on your boat?
    I wonder how the olive oil tasting compared to our Boston North End olive oil tasting sponsored by Shannon a few years ago.
    Let’s hear some descriptions of the wine. Sounds like wine is a main feature of the trip!

    • It was an American flag, Mike. They hoisted the flag and played the National Anthem as we left the dock. They had different flags for other nationalities depending on where tour groups were from. I also saw the Brazilian flag. The wine here is pretty good. From grapes grown in the cooler temps at altitude high in the Golan Heights. Many varieties. Learned a lot at the tasting.

  4. How difficult is it to near down to a handful of photos after two years away 😆

    • Not too hard. The pics I like jumps out right away and I’m looking for things that help tell the story of the day.

  5. Thanks this awesome narrative Michael- I love following along.

  6. Wine and Olive Oil tasting? This would be one of my favorite days. I really like the photos from today.

    • Thanks, Donna!! Archaeological sites in the morning and tastings in the afternoon – this was a favorite day And I brought olive oil back!

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