Current Gear 2021 Update

Every so often – as I acquire and/or sell equipment – I do an update to the Gear page so that it’s accurate and up to date. The previous version of the Gear page was published in 2017. Over the intervening four years I’ve made some significant changes to my photo gear. I published an update to the Gear page last week that reflects Moving to Mirrorless and the addition of flash equipment. The page is now reordered so that current photo equipment is at the top of the page, followed by a brief history of the photo equipment I’ve owned and used over the years. I’ve also included a timeline showing the acquisition dates of cameras, lenses, video camcorders, and drones. And the page features a new flat lay and other new photos.

2021 Camera Gear Flat Lay
iPhone 8 • ISO 250 • 1/60 sec at f/1.8

2 Comments on “Current Gear 2021 Update

  1. A very attractive set of gear.

    How long did it take to lay all the items out to form (mostly) so neat a rectangle? Looks like a game of Tetris has been won!

    • Didn’t take too long to set up the flat lay, Rick. But finding a good background that I liked did take a while. After trying a few things I just used the same surface I used for the last flat lay – the desk in my office.

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