Israel Day 5: Galilee to Jerusalem

Traveling through the West Bank on the bus to Jerusalem …

Visiting a relatively smaller country means less time on the bus, but seeing more locations each day. And that means less time to work on blog updates on the bus and more places to photograph and write about. But the middle of the day is a long two-hour bus ride from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem. And I didn’t get much done, so this is coming to you from the Lobby Bar at the Jerusalem Ramada Inn.

We begin the day at the Yardenit Baptismal Site. It’s not exactly where John baptized Jesus, but it is a serene location on the Jordan River a short drive from the kibbutz. Baptisms are available for tourists who want.

Yardenit Baptismal Site
Mickey in the Baptismal Waters

At Herod Springs we pause to read from the Bible about how Gideon selected fighters to the battle with Mennonite’s.

At Herod Springs
Herod Springs

A short drive brings us to the Bet She’an National Park, an archaeological site that dates to Roman times and a city that more recently was a refugee camp for people immigrating from Northern Africa and Morocco.

Via Maris at Bet She’An
The Theatre at Bet She’An

Lunch is at a small roadside restaurant outside of the archaeological park. The Israeli schnitzel and Gold Star beer really hit the spot on a hot afternoon. Too busy eating to honor this meal with a picture.

The quickest way from Galilee to Jerusalem is through the West Bank. The Jordan River and Jordan are to our left as we drive south. The desert mountains are to the right. It’s hot. The ambient temperature is 97. But it’s comfortable on the bus.

The West Bank on the way to Jerusalem

When we get to Jerusalem we head for the downtown market. Rotem guides us through an exotic assortment of spices, candies, and baked goods. It’s vibrant and busy. After a few days in the quiet north there is no doubt we are in Israel’s largest city.

Spices at the Jerusalem Market
The Jerusalem Market

Tomorrow we visit the City of David and the Western Wall.

2 Comments on “Israel Day 5: Galilee to Jerusalem

  1. The photos of the Jordan on the web, such as Google Earth, show green water. Your picture of Michaela is really green. Why the green water: algae?

    Also while checking your location on Google I noticed many palm trees with big clusters of something on them. Did not look like coconuts. Do you know what kind of palms? Dates?

    • Michaela said it was slippery – so yes, probably algae. And you are correct – those palms are dates.

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